The Sanctuary’s Purpose

Provide healers and peacemakers of differing traditions a space where their collaborative energies can be used to reconnect with their own purpose and commitment, expand the reach of ideas, and assist those seeking intercedence.

Create opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences related to issues impacting the quality of life for all sentient beings on global and local levels.

Create educational opportunities for individuals from around the world to come together, learn and create nourishment for the overall endeavor.

Create and produce a financial support system for peace-generated organizations to continue their efforts of promoting World Peace.

Frequently asked questions

This site in Costa Rica is amongst the purest fields of energy on the planet. Holy men and women chose this indigenous site through a very sacred and collaborative process. The very philosophy of the country is founded on peace.

This land is a peaceful and tranquil nature sanctuary. It is adorned with caves, rivers, and waterfalls. The 93-acre property has been protected in an area that focuses on eco-tourism. The entire area is dedicated well-being and peace with nature.

The Ombya symbol means: “Who So Ever Knows This Syllable Obtains All He Desires”. In the beginning many spiritual people believed that the world began with a sound and that was “OM,” the breath of creation. Maya only affects the manifested phenomenon. In this way the form of Om symbolizes the infinite Brahman and the entire Universe and the world.

Peaceful leaders and healers from around the world will be invited to give workshops and healing intensives at a local hotel that was created with a “boutique” setting. A portion of the proceeds from these events, as well as donations, will go towards the sustainability of the sanctuary.

These leaders will have access to the sanctuary to rejuvenate their energies and to collaborate with other spiritual leaders from around the world. This property gives them a sacred place to share their journeys and philosophies with each other and the world.

Project Description

In alignment with the mission of Ombya and our goal to protect the land, we are purchasing a piece of property larger than the 10 acres we plan to use to create the Sanctuary so that we can keep the surrounding area in its natural state and free from future development. Now that a suitable site has been identified and a purchase offer accepted by both the current owners and the local municipality, OmbyA needs your help to complete the purchase of the property.The purchase price for the 93-acre site is $275,000 USD

$20,000 has been donated to secure a six-month option on the property, putting us in escrow.

Given the short time frame on which we are operating, we must act now.

The time is now for us to heal our planet and address climate change, human trafficking, water scarcity, and world hunger.

We aim to provide a safe space for our healers to regain their strength and coordinate plans to address these issues.

The world in which we live faces challenges of great magnitude. Healers are a precious and cherished resource whose work could mean the difference between life and death for our planet.