The OMBYA symbol means: “Who So Ever Knows This Syllable Obtains All He Desires”.


The Gathering Sanctuary will be a 93-acre retreat space located in the Blue Zone:

Providing healers and peacemakers of differing traditions, space where their collaborative energies can be used to assist those seeking their intercedence, reconnect with their own purpose and commitment and expanding the reach of ideas.

Creating opportunities for the sharing and exchanging of ideas and experiences related to issues impacting the quality of life for all sentient beings on global and local levels.

Creating educational opportunities for individuals from around the world to come together, learn and create nourishment for the overall endeavor.

To create and produce a financial support system for peace generated organizations to continue their efforts to promote World Peace.



Almanique was brought up in the Southern Baptist Church, Texas, USA. In the 1990’s she became interested in other spiritual traditions such as Chinese Buddhism and Sufism, and in 2005 she organized a historic meeting between Qi Gong Grandmaster Shan-Fo and Syen Aziz Nizami of the Sufi order at the legendary Hazrat Nizamuddin Shrine in New Delhi, India. The exchange instilled in Almanique a profound conviction of the ultimate unity of all religions and an unshakeable commitment to promoting interfaith understanding. In this vein, she was inspired to create Ombya, a foundation to facilitate such transformational interactions. Since then, she has been working tirelessly to make this vision a reality.

We have already started the process by taking religious and spiritual group leaders to Costa Rica and shared the vision with them. With this process started we have received their input and they have all expressed a desire to be a part of its growth and development. They are excited and see the power of a synergistic approach.



To create a non-profit sanctuary located in Costa Rica where healers representing all traditions of healing from all over the world can retreat to replenish their energies and collaborate with others to share their philosophies, lessons and address the diverse issues necessary for the healing of the peoplethe land and the planet. We accept all traditions of faith. Our obligation is to all people that need healing regardless to what issues that might be presented. (Ex. Solders with PTS syndrome OR issues arising from human trafficking). These issues will be covered by our renown healers. We are the apprentice for carrying out this mission.


The world in which we live in is a world confronted by unimaginable issues such as Hunger, Poverty, Economic and Social inequality. Species after species have been driven into extinction, Environmental problems that threaten the very planet itself and subsequently all sentient life.The relationship of humans with the very planet which sustains them has become unsustainable. While there are political actions that must be taken to deal with these issues at a governmental level, these alone will not achieve the necessary changes. A transformational planetary shift is needed to address and solve these problems.A shift in the very way we think about the world is critical, if we are to survive.People in all societies and cultures must once again fully awaken and become aware of and value the connections, energies and very vibrations that sustain our world.Once awakened, they can act in a way that brings about the critical mass to achieve the change necessary.

To develop the plans and programs needed to change the hearts of so many, we must turn to the untapped resource of teachers, healers, shamans and wisdom keepers that the modern world often overlooks.
We must give them the means to communicate with those of other traditions to share their knowledge, learn from each other, and develop paths of action.We must then assist them in dispersing those paths to the largest possible audience.
The goal of OmbyA is to create a special place where healers, shamans, mystics, teachers, and seekers of many traditions can gather and work together in a conducive atmosphere toward the goal of achieving transformative change. Since the work that will be done is sacred work, the area itself must be sacred, and the very energy of the space in which it takes place must be of the highest level. After years of research that included visiting over 80 potential sites, often in the company of groups of gifted healers and grandmothers from varied world traditions a sacred site has emerged and been selected.






The purchase price for the entire 93-acre site -which is in Escrow- is $275,000.00, (€220660.00) of which $20,000.00 has been donated to secure a six-month option on the property. Given the very short time frame on which we are operating we need you to act quickly. So many issues facing our world today would benefit from the attention of those dedicated to healing the planet.

Issues such as:

  • Climate change
  • Human trafficking
  • Water issues
  • World Hunger

Providing a safe space in which those dedicated to undertaking this difficult work can, for at least a short while, regain their strength as well as share ideas and solutions with others to build coordinated plans to address all these issues, is one way in which we can support their efforts.

The world in which we live is a difficult and exhausting place. It now faces challenges of almost unimaginable magnitude. Healers and those who walk the way of peace in our world are a precious and very special resource that must be cherished and supported. Their work could mean the difference between life and death for all of us.


Why Costa Rica?


This site in Costa Rica is amongst the purest fields of energy on the planet. Holy men and women chose this indigenous site through a very sacred and collaborative process. The very philosophy of the country is founded on peace.

What makes this site special?

This land is a peaceful, nature sanctuary. It is adorned with caves, rivers, and waterfalls. The 93-acre property has been protected in an area that focuses on eco-tourism. The entire area is dedicated to the support of well-being and peace with nature.

How will the Sanctuary be sustainable?

Peaceful leaders and healers from around the world will be invited to give workshops and healing intensives at a local hotel that was created with a “boutique” setting. A portion of the proceeds from these events, along with donations will go towards the sustainability of the sanctuary.

These leaders will have access to the sanctuary to rejuvenate their energies and to collaborate with other spiritual leaders from around the world. This property gives them a sacred place to share their journeys and philosophies with each other and the world.

What is the current status of the project?

The land has been chosen. We put down $20.000 into ESCROW.
We need your assistance and financial help in completing the next steps:

  • Land survey
  • Land & Building permits
  • Architects and renderings


Phase One

OmbyA has selected a 93-acre property in Nandayure, in the Carmona District of Costa Rica. This site was chosen because healers have recognized the area as home to some of the purest energy on the planet. Additionally, Costa Rica is one of only five U.N. certified Blue Zones in the world. The site will be known as the “Gathering at the Sanctuary.” It is forested, surrounded by waterfalls, and rivers, as well as lush exuberant vegetation and an abundance of wildlife. We need your help to make this vital project a reality. Phase One of our project has been to identify and secure a property suitable for our purposes.

Phase Two

This phase will be the preliminary work necessary to build the first of seven 1500-2000 square foot houses on a ten-acre piece of the land that will make up this mecca for healers. The land is in the Blue Zone 93 Acres. However, only 10 Acres will be used for the Sanctuary. The remaining 83 acres are an environmental protected area. The residences will be for the use of healers, their immediate family and their protectors during their visits to the Sanctuary.

Phase Three

This will be the actual construction of the first four residences and a 7000 square foot Healing/Conference Center or the use of the visiting healers so they may plan private meetings and events with those they deem necessary for their purposes, including government officials, religious leaders, etc.
In alignment with the mission of OmbyA and our goal to protect the land, we are purchasing a piece of property larger than the 10 acres we plan to use to create the Sanctuary so that we can keep the surrounding area in its natural state and free from future development.

Now that a suitable site has been identified and a purchase offer accepted by both the current owners and the local municipality, OmbyA needs your help to complete the purchase of the property.

What does the OMBYA symbol mean:

The OMBYA symbol means: “Who So Ever Knows This Syllable Obtains All He Desires”. In the beginning many spiritual people believed that the world began with a sound and that was “OM”, the breath of creation. Maya only affects the manifested phenomenon. In this way the form of Om symbolizes the infinite Brahman and the entire Universe and the world.

OmbyA is a 501c3 organization dedicated to supporting Spiritual and Global Leaders in their quest to heal the planet.

We are in the planning stages to build a Sanctuary for “the Gathering” in Costa Rica where those involved in this work can come to replenish their energies and collaborate with others on the same path to learn, grow and better realize their individual missions.

We live in a very complicated and interdependent world. When we share our perspectives we can see the whole and ultimately help others to thrive in this interconnected life.

We believe that by creating an environment of beauty, peace and healing energies in which leaders of peace can support and energize each other. We will be able to create a ripple effect that can benefit the planet exponentially.

Healers are a precious and special resource that are to be cherished and supported to expand their work.

The sanctuary for “the Gathering” and healing centers will be created to operate on a self-sustaining basis, offering benefits to both healers and those in need.

The world is in an unprecedented time of change and stressful living. People need resources to learn how to heal and thrive in their current conditions.

Please join us in this vision of creating Heaven on Earth, where humanity evolves through peaceful collaboration and healing.

Join the Movement

All contributions are 100% tax deductible.


Buddhist monks called Sangha are valued as one of the three jewels in Buddhism. Buddhist Sangha by heritage, is pursuing the truth, is the world’s most respectful and rare person. Especially is respected for the congregation. Sangha, we rely on his guidance to lead a positive Buddhist view and walk on the Buddhist path.

Since the Sangha dedicates themselves to practice Dharma and put all efforts to a considerable degree, they accordingly preach, earnestly teach us how to study Buddhism, Dharma.  We, therefore, understand the meaning of life, the truth of the universe, our heart then open to the solution. From dropping the delusion, attachment to attaining what is comfortable and an eventual relief. So a big merit they offer us! How can we be ungrateful? How can we feel the gratefulness but not report it, not return it? Of course, the most direct method is to be a good student, pursuing the Dharma, make all Buddha happy. However, will any other methods are also practical, also benefit the Sangha?

Whether if we can build with designs an energy repair center, a meditation place especially for them to use? They can take this garden to retain their ability and wisdom. Also, disclose our minds to their treasure: Let them physically and mentally get secured, guarantee them a beautiful, functional world to restore and enhance their power… our profit at the end.

佛教中的佛法僧是我們佛弟子所皈依的三寶。 講到僧寶,佛法的傳承靠僧寶,所以僧寶列為三寶之一。他是奉行真理的人,是世間所最尊重和難得的,他是眾中尊。 皈依僧,我們依靠僧伽的引導而正信佛教。

由於僧寶自身的修行與努力,具備了相當的程度後,對我們講經開示,苦口婆心地教我們如何學佛,幫助我們了解佛法而在生活中能心開意解;進而轉化煩惱,放下妄想、執著而離苦得樂,得到究竟的自在。這麼樣大的功德叫我們怎麼不感恩?又怎麼能知恩不報? 當然最直接的報恩法是依教奉行,做一名好學生,使諸佛歡喜。然而另外的方法有沒有呢?同時也是具體受用的呢? 是否能建一所他們可以專門用來修憇、靜心的地方?藉這一個園地,使他們的法身與慧命加以保任。也披露我們對他們珍惜的心意:願他們身心安泰,沒有障礙而長久住世;而我們方能常隨佛學,修證大法有期。(吳述圃)

-Buddhist Disciple (Monique Wu)

First, there are NO accidents or coincidences in the Universe.The prophecies of indigenous peoples for ages spoke about this time in our world and the conditions that exist on Mother Earth and the Sacred Elements (air, water, land resources, fires). I have received the message and ‘knowing’, that ‘Great Spirit’ is bringing messengers, healers, prophets and sacred medicine people together in ‘Divine appointments’.

People who would never meet in life. People who are on completely different paths and even in different parts of the world. So when a woman I’ve never met, came up to me at a community event and said, ‘I have a friend you must meet’ and proceeded to set this meeting with 100 miles between 2 people, from completely different ‘walks of life’, but respectfully on the same ‘heart path’, I knew it was by a Divine hand at work. Meeting Almanique is a ‘life changing’ sacred moment. I fully believe that Creator has gifted her, myself and others an ancient prophesied vision of bringing the ‘Rainbow Warrior’ tribe together for not only healing Humanity but our Earth Mother and the Sacred Elements. It is not whether we need this sacred place in Costa Rica, but it is our moral and human duty to ALL living beings, to fulfill and build this sacred place that ‘Global Tribal Sacred Peoples’ of ‘ancient ways’ have prophesied and prayed for in sweat lodges, vision quest, sun dances, pilgrimages and sacred ceremonies for hundreds and hundred of years.

-Cualtli Yahtl (Eagle Warrior)
Daniel Ramos
Choctaw Muskogee Yamassee
Chief Spiritual Leader/Elder

October 12th, 2015
To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Clan Mother Rachelle Figueroa and I’m the Founder and Executive Director of The Morning Star Foundation. We are a Native/Indigenous organization with a Mission Statement to support and protect all Indigenous Elders and Sacred Traditions, from all Nations. It is so very important at this time on Mother Earth, to bring together all the Wisdom Keepers of all Cultures and Traditions for the healing and Unity of our World. The prophecies of many Native/Indigenous Nations say this is the time to rebalance the leadership of our Countries and Nations and to work together in a peaceful manner to bring Peace back for our future generations. The Elders are the door to these teachings. This is a very important project for all humanity and all living things!!! I fully support Amanique Jacquet’s amazing Costa Rican “Center for the Elders of the World” !!!

-Mitakuye Oyasin,
Clan Mother Rachelle Figueroa
Matriarch of the Choctaw Musgokee Yamassee Nation
Los Angeles, CA 90034

“The sanctuary in Costa Rico is a beautiful place to meet with like minded spiritual people. The environment is serene and full of beauty. The time is now for teachers, leaders, healers, and counselors to join together and bring about peaceful changes for the betterment of society.”


At Umbral de la Montaña (The Mountain’s Threshold) our goal is to empower men and women, to teach and create visionaries, and to train modern shaman who will walk through their lives with strength and responsibility. Our goal is to envision a perfect world and then to dream into being.

-Mauricio Bruce
At Umbral de la Montana

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